Silverlight 3D Samples from MIX11


The 3D samples from my MIX11 session are now online. You can grab them on MSDN Code Gallery.

XNA Math Library – Math library from XNA which is planned for the SDK.

Triangle Sample – Draw a simple triangle by specifying vertices with position and color.

Color Cube Sample – Draw a rotating cube with solid or gradient color faces.

Animated Textured Cube Sample – Draw a rotating cube with texture shaded faces.

Controllable Textured Cube Sample – Draw a textured cube that can be rotated by Silverlight UI controls.

Solar Wind Sample – Draw the Earth with day and night transitions, atmosphere layers, and population density overlays. Demonstrates more advanced concepts like mipmaps, texture blending, multiple drawing passes, sampler states, and lighting.

Windows Café with the Babylon Engine – Make a virtual visit to the Windows Café in Paris. David Catuhe blogged about it here.

House Builder – John Papa wrote about this demo he showed in the keynote here.

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